Who's who at Riverside

Rev Peter Birnie

An Irish bloke with a Scottish wife, living in Hull, the very pinnacle of England! Riverside has given me the chance to swap the Maths classroom for the pulpit - and what a privilege it is to spend all my time holding out God’s amazing Word to those around! I am married to Joey and we have four brilliant kids. Oh, and I get to study Theology through a Welsh University - set complete!

Kay Hampton

I moved to Hull in 2011 to teach in a primary school but left teaching after a few years to join the ministry trainee programme at St John Newland. I’m now working full time at Christ Church Riverside and helping out with the youth work in the Christ Church Network. It’s great to be able to use the skills I learned in my teacher training to teach the children I work with about Jesus. I enjoy music and crafting. I love to sew but I’m not as good as I’d like to be! I also try to do a bit of running and cycling - when the weather is nice enough!



Photos by Abraham Photography