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Rejects made Royalty - Matthew 5:1-3

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the evening service on 18th April 2021.

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Matthew 5:1-3 – Rejects made Royalty


            Life’s Lucky Winners

            Happy versus Unhappy

            Chance versus Choice


            The Beatitude Sandwich



There are those who are blessed by God (5:3)


            ‘Blessing’ or ‘Curse’





Those who are poor in spirit (5:3)


            What is poverty of spirit?





            What is the opposite of poverty of spirit?




            Where do we see examples of poverty of spirit?

                                    Old Testament

                                    New Testament

                                    Christianity is a crutch for the weak



Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (5:3)


            Rejects made Royalty – Paupers made Princes





Questions: In what ways are people seeking ‘true happiness’? What would most people regard as a ‘blessed life’? What did you learn about the ‘blessing and curse’ motif of the Bible? How would you articulate what it means to be ‘blessed by God’? How would you describe poverty of spirit? What does poverty of spirit do for an individual? What has it done for you? How would you respond to someone who said “Christianity is just a crutch for the weak and helpless”? What encouragement is gained from knowing that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ belongs to us?     What does this mean for us as a present reality? How should it affect us?

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