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Christmas brings hope - Luke 2:21-40

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the Riverside Church service on 13th December 2020.

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Luke 2 v 21-40 “Christmas brings Hope” Home Group Questions


  • How good are you at waiting? How should the great things Christians are looking forward to help us to wait with expectation and excitement rather than impatience and frustration?



  • Why could Simeon recognise who Jesus was (verse 25-27)? How does this help and instruct us when we see so many people we love living without hope in Jesus?




  • What comfort and consolations (verse 25 and 29-32) does Jesus bring to those who put their faith in him? Which of these do you need to spend more time thinking about and praying for?



  • Why does Simeon moves from Christmas in verses 28-32 to Easter in verses 34-35. Why is this so important for us to do as well and how can we go about this in the lead up to Christmas?



  •  How attractive is Anna’s life to you (verse 36-38)? Considering the reality of God’s promises, why has Anna’s life not been a wasted one?  

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