The Authority of the King - Mark 1:16-45

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the evening service on 16th January 2022.

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Mark 1 v 16-45 “The Authority of the King”

Intro: Foolishness in the face of Authority


        1) The authority of Jesus (16-34)


  • Authority over people

Jesus simply speaks and whole lives and families are immediately changed.


Order into disorder


Recognise the reality and goodness of Jesus’ authority over you


  • Authority in teaching


The scribes and teachers taught about God because of what they had studied, Jesus spoke for God because of who he is.


  • Authority over evil

Jesus speaks and evil has to obey, Jesus speaks and evil is silenced


  • Authority over illness

Simon’s submission to Jesus meant he saw this wonderful healing



Main message of Mark 1: The King is here and in his command to follow him he offers genuine transformation of who we are, why we are living and what future we are going towards.


        2) The faithful response to Jesus’ authority (35-45)


  • Jesus-type response


Jesus’ whole life on earth is to be one of dependence, submission and obedience to his Father.



  • Urgent response


People, evil and illness responded immediately – are you going to dare to do something different?


Let us stop living like Zombies with the drugs of this world tranquilizing us to Jesus’ authority: He is to be our Saviour and Lord.    



  • Humble response


Are you convicted of sin? Come as a leper


King Jesus has come to heal sinners



 “Come follow me, Jesus says, and I will send you out to fish for people.”  

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