Overcome lukewarmness - Revelation 3:14-22

This is a sermon by Adam Johnston from the Riverside Church service on 24th March 2024.

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Revelation 3:14-22 – Overcoming Lukewarmness


Are they a superstar or are the deluded?


As Jesus has been appraising each church we keep wondering – will this church be a superstar or will they be deluded? What would Jesus say about each of us?


1. What’s Jesus’ description of himself? (v. 14)


Jesus is the standard of truth – the Amen


Jesus is the perfect witness – the Faithful and True Witness


Jesus is the judge – the Ruler of creation


2. What’s Jesus’ description of the church? (vv. 15-17)


They are ineffective – neither refreshingly cool, nor rejuvenatingly hot.


They are ignorant – convinced their wealth means God’s on their side.


3. What’s Jesus’ prescription for the church? (vv. 18-20)


Come to Jesus because he offers all we need – for free.


Open the door to Jesus – because he is waiting to renew relationship with us.


4. What’s Jesus promise for the future? (vv. 21-22)


Jesus offers us a seat on his knee, ruling everything on the throne. What could be better than that?!




Questions for us:

‘We can’t pull the wool over his eyes about what we are really like.’ How does verse 14 show us this? In what ways might we try to do this? Are we effective as Christians in the way we live? How might you be refreshing or rejuvenating to others as you meet them? Do we think we see ourselves clearly? Are we willing to ask for others to help us see ourselves better? What things might we have that make us content and think we don’t need Jesus? In what ways might we be too lazy to let Jesus in and enjoy the relationship with him that he is offering? How does the promise of verse 21 encourage us to keep going in our Christian lives?

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