The Spirit-Filled Church - Acts 2:1-40

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the Riverside Church service on 10th October 2021.

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Acts 2 v 1-41 “The Spirit-filled Church”


Intro: The Temple, the Bride, the Body, the Family, the Mission: A job we are not able to do?


          1) The Holy Spirit brings life and understanding


The Spirit brings life and understanding:

  • Life brought to the disciples’ ministry
  • Understanding brought about the Old Testament
  • A new life of following Jesus for thousands




This is simply carrying on Jesus’ work in his life, death and resurrection:

  • Gospel accounts
  • Acts 2 v 32-33




This is completely reversing the impact that sin has had upon the world:



          2) The Holy Spirit brings power and gifts


Power and gifts for the task of gospel proclamation and church-building:



Verse 4 hugely significant:


  • “they began to speak


  • They spoke to people from many nations


  • They proclaimed Jesus Christ from scripture


  • They called on people to be saved by going to Jesus




The Holy Spirit EQUIPS (gifts) and PRODUCES (power)



          3) The Holy Spirit brings courage and conviction


  • Courage to speak the offence of the gospel (v23 and 36 you, you, you)




  • Confidence in God, his promises, his word (v36 be assured of this)




  • Conviction in sinners lives (v37 cut to the heart)



Conclusion: Are we a “charismatic church”?


Home Group Questions from Acts 2 v 1-41


1) In what ways do you feel unfit for the ‘job’ of being a Christian? In what verses in this passage do we see the Holy Spirit bringing life and understanding to people?



2) Which verses of this passage show the link between the Holy Spirit and the word of God? When you miss an opportunity to speak the gospel to someone you love, why should you run after them to speak rather than just praying for them?



3) Read verses 23-26 and 36-37. With which people in your life do you need the Holy Spirit to fill you with courage and confidence and them with conviction? Get your Home group praying for you  and for them this week.

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