The Gospel Story 3 - Acts 2:14-47

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the Riverside Church service on 26th September 2021.

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The Gospel Story 3: Acts 2 v 14-47


Acts chapter 2: “I love it when a plan comes together.” 


        1) God’s plan deals with great evil and produces great good (v1-41)

Not drunk! Instead a matter of cosmic significance.


God’s plan has come together:


  • The serpent crusher from Genesis 3


  • Blessing to the whole world through Abraham


  • Jeremiah’s new covenant that will change God’s people


  • Joel’s prophesy (v17-21)


  • King David’s prophesies (v25-28 and 34-45)




Who has fulfilled all of God’s promises? V22-24: “Jesus of Nazareth”


At the cross of Jesus Christ:

  • The God of grace won the war that sin started







  • God’s grace overcame humanity’s faithlessness






        2) God’s plan deals with dying people and produces a living church (v42-47)


The immediate impact of the new Covenant:


  • Relationship with God




  • Relationship with one another





  • Relationship with the world




Application: Salvation, Sovereignty, Service




Home Group Questions on Acts 2


        1) Salvation: What different verses in Acts 2 highlight the urgency of the gospel? Will the people in your life see a greater gospel urgency in you this week?


        2) Sovereignty: The cross is the greatest evil possible but was used by God to do the greatest good imaginable. How should this help  us as we deal with the brokenness in our own lives? How can we better pray for and support one another in trials by standing on this truth?  


        3) Service: How devoted are we to God and to each other? Why should the gift of the Holy Spirit fill us with hope and expectation as  we seek to grow in this life of devotion and praise?

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