This month's prayer points

Prayer points for July 2021



  • Praise God for the encouragement of most of the church family gathering again. 
  • Pray that the outdoor network service on the 18th is full of joy.
  • Pray for the staff & students at school (year 6’s especially) as they finish term.
  • Pray that our Home Groups develop into hubs for serving and welcoming in church.
  • Pray for wisdom for the leadership team as restrictions lift.
  • Pray for new believers and a praying church!

Children and Youth :

  • Sunday groups and leaders
  • J Club
  • ABC
  • Mini-Music
  • Youth activities (Focus and the Base)
  • 1-1’s
  • Summer family in the park dates
  • Pray for the Summer camps


  • Praise God for the “Faith in Later Life” organisation and the training it provides.
  • Pray for our seniors to continue to model well and for all to engage well.
  • Pray for witness to family and friends.

Dave and Jen Pett – MAF 

The Pett Family

  • Graham's health has improved greatly in the last 6 months and he can now work most days.  Please continue to pray for a full recovery.
  • Please pray for the relationships Jen is building with ladies who attend the weekly ladies' coffee gatherings, Mainly Music and ESL outreaches, that her conversations will deepen.
  • Praise God for Johanna (Jonathan‘s wife) getting her first teaching post.
  • Please pray that the merger project that David is leading will be successful in order for MAF to efficiently run in Australia. Pray that all applications to CASA (the airline regulators) will be passed by September. 
  • Praise God for the Dave and Jen’s continued service in the local church
  • Pray for Jonathan to be relieved of some of his workload to allow him some time off work to rest well.
  • Continued energy and perseverance in the work, Especially as they can’t yet make a visit back to the UK due to travel restrictions.

MAF International

  • Please pray for our Timor-Leste MAF team.  Two staff families have been displaced from their housing due to intense flooding in Dili and one local staff member has suffered significant property loss and damage.  The country is in lockdown and two new families are coping with enforced quarantine and flooding in the first weeks. 
  • MAF Papua New Guinea is severely limited in its operations as COVID has suddenly spread through the country.  Please pray for our staff team, some of whom have underlying health problems.  The health system in PNG is almost non-existent outside of the capital and is already severely strained.  Please pray for protection, wisdom and patience during this period.  
  • MAF International is embarking on some internal reorganisation projects, This is to both use the opportunity presented by the many travel restrictions to engage collectively with our unusually static support staff and make improvements for serving our programmes and ministry partners more effectively in the future.  Please pray for the project teams to communicate well and for us to be guided in the solutions that are implemented, so that they will ultimately enhance our kingdom-building mission and partnerships.
  • Pray for the timely completion of the first hangar to be built at Mareeba (in North Queensland) and funding for the remainder of the project to allow MAF to travel to and reach this area with resources.
  • Please pray for favour with the new Myanmar authorities and permit the work that has already commenced on the new airstrip for MAF to continue after the monsoon season. Pray also for safety of local MAF staff in Myanmar, pray for an end to oppression, and pray for all those seeking peace.