This month's prayer points

Prayer points for October 2021

Our church:

  • Pray for new believers from our local area to be made
  • Pray for the Strategy and Thanksgiving Sunday coming up
  • Pray for people to be inviting to the Family Guest Service on 7th November
  • Pray for the new people in our congregation to be connected well
  • Pray for Christian students as they seek to reach out with the gospel
  • Pray for the Holmes family and the Horsley family
  • Keep praying for the "Riverside Friends", the Christ Church Network and AMiE.

Prayer points:

  • Home groups
  • J Club
  • ABC
  • Mini-Music
  • Prayer meeting
  • Focus / The Base / Network youth
  • Training
  • Door-to-door
  • Primetime


Praying for Afghanistan:

  • 1. Pray for those who have stayed
    When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, many Christians fled. But there are believers inside the country who have chosen to stay to be a witness for the Lord. Pray for the body of Christ who chose to remain in the country – for safety, security, strength and opportunities as they live through and adjust to their new government.

  • 2. Pray for those who have fled
    Pray for those who have moved out of the country – that they will stay faithful to the Lord. Pray that they will continue to receive God’s presence, wisdom and peace in their hearts.

  • 3. Pray for the young girls and the women
    Girls and women are more vulnerable under the Taliban rule. Many are afraid that their education will be cut short, or will be a cause of shame, not confidence. Some women have been reported to have burned their diplomas to hide the fact that they’ve received schooling. Pray that the Enemy will not rob them of the desire to continue learning and exploring despite the stance of their new leaders on education.

  • 4. Pray for the secret believers
    Practically all Christians in the country are secret believers. Honour killings happen frequently in the Afghan context, if anybody puts so-called ‘shame’ on the family. Becoming an ‘apostate’ is considered one of the worst things you can do to your family. The Taliban are also actively seeking for secret believers.

  • 5. Pray for the seekers
    Pray that, inside and outside of Afghanistan, those who want to find truth will find Jesus. Pray for the church around the world to take opportunity in this diaspora to show the love of Christ to the people.

  • 6. Pray for the food and economic situation
    While global attention is on the conflict, local Afghans are going hungry. Jobs have been cut, salaries have been delayed and many businesses have been forced to closed because of the ongoing conflict. Locals continue to flood banks in a bid to withdraw their resources, but even currency supply has been dwindling. The World Food Programme fears that due to the drought and famine, 14 million people in Afghanistan could be pushed to the brink of starvation. Ask the Lord to provide food and necessities to the Afghan people.

  • 7. Pray for the Covid-19 situation
    The country’s chief of public health recently admitted that healthcare facilities are collapsing, vaccination rates are falling and there is a shortage in oxygen supply. He also mentioned that a third of the Covid tests in the country are coming back positive. Pray for God’s healing for the sick in Afghanistan.

  • 8. Pray that no more terrorist attacks will take place
    Last August, two explosions occurred near the local airport, killing more than 60 locals and 13 American soldiers. The bombings were claimed by so-called Islamic State in Khorasan, an extremist group at odds with the Taliban. Ask the Lord to put an end to the plans of these extremist groups – pray that He would confuse them and hinder them from putting more people in danger.

  • 9. Pray for the Taliban
    Recently, the Taliban planned the inauguration of its temporary cabinet on 9/11 this year, but postponed the ceremony after international pressure. The new officials include known Islamic fundamentalists who espouse a harsh interpretation of Sharia (Islamic law), as well as one worldwide terrorist wanted by the FBI. The Bible calls for us to pray for persecutors. Pray for miracles – pray that God will reveal Himself to these leaders through dreams and visions.