This month's prayer points

Prayer points for May 2021


Praise God for:

  • The joy of meeting together and getting to sing again (outside)
  • The growing number who are returning to physical gatherings
  • The Evening Network services which are a great encouragement
  • The loosening Covid restrictions that allow more gathering
  • The determination of AMiE to be shaped by God’s word

Ask God for:

  • New believers to be made in the coming weeks and months
  • A zeal for personal and corporate evangelism to be evident
  • The return to meeting of all the members of the church family
  • A determined desire to be hospitable and grow in love
  • His provision of a place to meet where we can all be together
  • His work in our hearts to help us to live as strangers here
  • His comfort to the low

Open Doors month of prayer for Myanmar

Pray for:

  • Peace and strength for believers amidst much violence and fear
  • Local churches struggling to meet (due to the coup and Covid)
  • Provision for pastors and leaders where finances are short
  • Stability for the country and  infrastructure to meet basic needs
  • Pray for safety for the young of Myanmar amidst protests
  • Praise God for a hunger for his word and pray for bibles to be provided

Children and Youth

  • Mini-Music and ABC – warm contacts and gospel opportunities.
  • Youth Work – Praise God for good engagement at Focus (Bible Study). Pray that they’ continue to have a good attitude towards studying His Word. The Base – pray for creativity and fun, and for good engagement with John’s Gospel.
  • JClub – continues on Zoom. Pray that the children would see clearly why Jesus is the best King!
  • Children’s ministry on Sundays – good weather and good engagement with CFBS and group afterwards. Pray for creativity and wisdom.
  • Pray that our children would have a genuine faith in Jesus, for boldness in evangelism and perseverance. Pray that they wouldn't be distracted by the things this world offers them.
  • Pray for parents as they seek to disciple their children, that God would give them all they need.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on Kay as she seeks to serve with humility and zeal.