Links to other sites

Here are some links to other sites which you may find of interest. If you know of a site which could be included (or if you think that there is one here that shouldn't be), please email with details.

Please note that we do not have any control over the content of these sites which may change from time to time.

Sites with more information about Christianity...
The Bible: The bible online in all translations and in various languages, with useful search facility. http://www.biblegateway.com
Christianity.net: An Australian organisation with lots of interesting information and discussion about Christianity. http://www.christianity.net.au
World Bibles: find scripture in all languages where it exists. Includes information on where to get them and includes audio Bibles and free  downloadable resources. http://worldbibles.org
Matthias Media: Resources for growing Christians from an evangelical organisation in Australia. http://www.matthiasmedia.com.au/index.html
The Evangelist: Roger Carswell's site with lots of interesting articles and interviews. http://www.theevangelist.org.uk
Understanding The Bible: designed to help to both understand and teach the bible. With overviews, studies, sermon outlines http://www.understandingthebible.org
Biblical Theology Briefings: This site aims to make excellent examples of biblical theology in preaching more widely available. http://www.beginningwithmoses.org
Easy English: Provides Bible text and commentaries for those for whom English is not their first language or for those, who have a limited grasp of English. http://www.easyenglish.info

Sites connected to Riverside and St John's...
The Newland Christian Trust A charitable trust set up to support gospel workers in this area  http://www.newlandchristiantrust.org.uk
The Yorkshire Gospel Partnership A group of Bible believing churches in Yorkshire. The primary aim of the partnership is to get the Gospel out into our communities.http://www.ygp.org.uk

Other interesting websites...
ChurchNet UK: Contains information about churches, groups, forums and activities in the UK and elsewhere. www.churchnet.org.uk
Evangelicals Now: Newspaper for evangelical Christians www.e-n.org.uk
Kingston-upon-Hull: Find out more about our city of Kingston-upon-Hull... www.hullcc.gov.uk
Music & Worship Foundation (MWF): seeks to provide a high standard of training and support in order to equip church musicians to serve today's worshipping communities more effectively. www.mwf.org.uk
Oak Hill College: Evangelical theological college in London: www.oakhill.ac.uk
Reform: Our aim is to win the nation for Christ www.reform.org.uk
UCCF: Home Page of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, linking Christian Unions throughout the UK. www.uccf.org.uk
Wycliffe Bible Translators: Organisation working to provide Bible translations for languages that don't have one yet. www.wycliffe.org/