Home Groups & Prayer Meetings

The Home Groups for Autumn 2020 are currently being planned. This page will be updated shortly.

During term-time, we meet together mid-week in smaller groups to support each other, learn from God’s Word and to pray in a way which is more informal and intimate. One week we meet in Home Groups and the next for Prayer Meetings (see the timetable below - the pattern varies occasionally).

Prayer Meetings - fortnightly on Wednesday evening from 8-9pm in the Newland Christian Centre, repeated on Thursday mornings from 10-11am. A short Bible reading and time of worship is followed by updates about different topics. We then pray about these topics in groups of about four to six - people can pray out loud or silently.

Home Groups - in alternate weeks we meet in church members' homes on Wednesday or Thursday evenings to study the Bible and pray. Home Groups also create networks for providing practical support and sharing with each other in the joys of our faith as well as the hard times. If you have not yet joined one of our Home Groups, contact Peter.

Summer Term Programme

This term we are going to look at the Sunday morning sermons in greater depth, so that we can dig deep into the implications for us as God's people. Click here to listen, read or watch the sermons from the archive.


Programme for Home Groups and Prayer Meetings - Summer term

21/22/23 April HG Study 1 - The one with most toys loses (Luke 12:13-21)

29 April

Central Prayer Meeting

5/6/7 May

HG Study 2 - The inviting God (Luke 14:12-24)    

13 May APCM
19/20/21 May HG Study 3 - Keep keeping on (Luke 18:1-8)  

27 May (half term)

Central Prayer Meeting

2/3/4 June

HG Study 4  

10 June

Central Prayer Meeting

16/17/18 June

HG Study 5  

24 June

Central Prayer Meeting

30 June/1/2 July HG Study 6
8 July Central Prayer Meeting
14/15/16 July Home Group social