Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He is good news of great joy in this suffering world. And so our church family is full of hope and confidence that we want to share with the world around us.

Next Sunday's services

Morning Service at Parkstone Primary School
"Fear God" (Exodus 1)

Christ Church Network evening service at St Mary's College
"Network Evening Service" (Judges 19:1-30)

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Our Sunday services are live streamed to help people who can't come in person.
You can watch on our Videos page or Youtube channel.

Events coming up

Jclub 5:45pm

Tuesday Group 10:00am, Brownies 5:45pm, Women's Book Group 7:30pm

Wed 26 Jun
Zoom Prayers 7:30am, Mini Music 10:00am, Rainbows 5:45pm, Focus 6:00pm, Life Groups 8:00pm

Thu 27 Jun
ABC 1:00pm, The Base 7:00pm, Life Groups 8:00pm

Fri 28 Jun
Women's Book Group 10:00am

Sat 29 Jun
AMiE Synod 10:00am

Mon 1 Jul
Jclub 5:45pm, Zoom Training 7:30pm

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Recent sermons

23 Jun amThe Unstoppable KingAct 12:1-24P Birnie
23 Jun pmMr Potato Head ReligionJdg 17:1 - 18:31S McKay
16 Jun amFamily Guest Service (AMiE Sunday)Joh 3:1-21P Birnie
16 Jun pmNew NormalJdg 16:1-31B Williamson
9 Jun amThe King of All NationsAct 10:1-48P Birnie
9 Jun pmDedicated DelivererJdg 12:8 - 15:20R Tearle

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