Welcome to Christ Church Riverside

Christ Church Riverside in Hull is a multicultural family of Christians from all walks of life. We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ and try to live with him in charge of our lives as we learn from God's word, the Bible.

From Sunday 2nd August we are holding two meetings on Sundays:

  • 10.30am at The Beverley Barn (click for details) - Pre-booking required
  • 4.30pm - Prayer and Praise on Zoom (and Youtube)
You can see our live services by clicking here. We are also making lots of short videos to keep in touch which you can see, along with previous Zoom services, here.

What's on

Next Sunday's services
10.30am Riverside at the Beverley Barn: Nothing and everything (Mark 10:1-31)
4.30pm Prayer and praise on Zoom and Youtube


Recent sermons

2 Aug rsConfusion and stumblingMar 9:14-50P Birnie
26 Jul rsDeath and gloryMar 8:29 - 9:13P Birnie
19 Jul rsRecognise JesusMar 7:31 - 8:30P Birnie
12 Jul rsTrust only in JesusMar 7:1-30J Belham
5 Jul rsStand with JesusMar 6P Birnie
28 Jun rsBelieve JesusMar 4:35 - 5:43P Birnie