Welcome to Christ Church Riverside

Christ Church Riverside in Hull is a multicultural family of Christians from all walks of life. We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ and try to live with him in charge of our lives as we learn from God's word, the Bible. If you want to find out more it would be great to see you at a Sunday service or at our weekday events.

Sunday services:

  • 10.30am - Morning service at Parkstone Primary School.
  • 6.30pm - Evening Network service at St Marys College (with Christ Church Newland and Christ Church Orchard Park).

At the moment we are live streaming our Sunday services for those who are unable to attend - you can watch those on our Youtube channel.

What's on

Next Sunday's services
10.30am at Parkstone Primary School: Gospel mindset (Colossians 3:1-4)
6.30pm Christ Church Network evening service (at St Mary's College): Evening Network Service (Mark 14:1-11)


Recent sermons

26 Jun rsGospel union / freedomCol 2:16-23A Overvoorde
26 Jun pmSigns of the EndMar 13J Oakley
19 Jun pmA Leadership ContestMar 12:35-44S McKay
19 Jun rsGospel truthCol 2:6-15P Birnie
12 Jun pmPerspective ProblemsMar 12:13-34P Birnie
12 Jun rsFamily Guest Service - Deu 6:1-30P Birnie